Anyone can be a part of this organization! We need YOU!

CONNECT with us as we partner together in PRAYER - LEADERSHIP - UNITY and SUPPORT.

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A group of people working together to advance their shared ideas and interests.

A campaign undertaken by a group of people working together.

A change or development of something.


Educators are teachers, administrators and community members who have a vested interest in furthering the education of students both young and old.

Educators are encouraged to be a part of this organization to be uplifted and inspired by like-minded people who have dedicated themselves to serving the lives of others.


Parents are a vital part of any school or school system. We urge you to become a part of a multi-faceted organization that seeks to help our schools be a better place for students and staff.

​Your ideas are welcomed and your service is needed. Join in with us as we seek to positively impact the school environment for our students.


Students are what make up our schools. Students need help and support everyday to be encouraged towards your goals. However, the student can help be ambassadors who work to make the schools great. 

We need your voice, your help, your participation and your service. Become a part of this organization so you can work to change the schools and make a difference.


Anyone who cares about staff, students and schools can be a part of this organization. 

What takes place in our school communities everyday affects the surrounding community. We want you to be a voice and a welcomed part of our mission. We need partners who want to participate and contribute to our cause. Whatever role you play will go a long way.